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Johnny Diesel - Johnny Diesel

April 14, 2014

As the last remnants of day fade behind the city skyline, Johnny Diesel stands on a balcony looking westward towards the Pacific, watching the sun set and huddling closer as it gives way to night's chilly air. Johnny moves inside as the light disappears, kindling a fire and relaxing with a drink. As he thumbs through the pages of a magazine, Johnny feels the warmth of the fire and the effects of his drink, and a growing sensation arises in his jeans which requires immediate attention.
He unbuttons his shirt and slides if off, throwing open his jeans and pulling his cock out, massaging the tip and fingering his exposed taint as he downs the last of his bottle. His cock now at full attention, Johnny finishes his drink and whets the mouth with his tongue, then slides it down his body and barely penetrates himself, just teasing himself as he continues to stroke away. As he fucks himself with the bottle, Johnny flings his leg over the arm of the chair, spreading his legs wider and wider as he continues to pound away.
Needing more room, he stretches out on the floor in front of the fire, dropping the bottle and throwing his head back as he bites his lip, before launching his load in the waning firelight, closing his eyes as the flames lick and flicker above him.


The TDxxx Way - Tommy D & James Jamesson

April 14, 2014

Do we have a treat for you? The answer is yes we do. TommyD is about to break in James Jameson the TDxxx way.

This will be James first time every sucking cock and it's all on film for TommyD's fans. James goes all out and stuff's TommyD's cock into his willing mouth. He licks, slurps, strokes and enjoys every minute pleasing his new found appetite.

After some great BJs the boys finish off by stroking their cocks to an ultimate cumming sensation.

Hopefully James comes back to explore more experimentation with TommyD.


A Giver and a Taker - Tommy D & Rod Daily

April 14, 2014

Tommy D introduces Rod Daily who is one sexy stud with a tasty cock. Rod has been in the business for a few years now but he has never been with Tommy D himself.

Rod is a giver and a taker as Tommy D dives deep into this hunks tight smooth hole. Rod takes it like a champ and Tommy D gives it nice and hard. These two suck and fuck each other like it's going out of style.

Tommy D takes the reins and hops up onto his long bulging cock. He rides like a true pro and Rod sure does give it to him. After some more position changes Tommy is laid onto his side for a mean fucking to full orgasmic bliss.


Nico Hanssen - Nico Hanssen

April 14, 2014

Nicolai Hanssen is his name, but we just call him Nico. This young guy is all about the women. He likes blonde hair and big tits.

So far Nico has only done one other solo for us, but we're hoping to be able to persuade him to join the fun on our other sites as well. Stay tuned and see what happens!


1.Occupation: Student

2.Sexual orientation: Straight

3.Favorite position: Doggy

4.Astrological sign: Leo

5.Age you lost your Virginity: 14

6.Biggest Turn on: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes & Huge Tits

7.Biggest Turn off: Flat Chest

8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba

9.Favorite food: Mexican

10.Best physical feature: Chest


1.Age: 18

2.cock Length: 8.5'

3.cock Girth: 6'

4.Cut or Uncut: Cut

5.Home town: Portland

6.Height: 5'11''

7.Weight: 170

8.Shoe Size: 11

9.Waist size: 34

XXX Photo Shoot - Tommy D & Nash Lawler

April 13, 2014

TommyD and Nash Lawler are about to do their photo shoot and we decided to give you a behind the scenes look at how the shoot really goes down.

We have these two sexy men just being themselves sucking cock and having fun doing what they love most.

This scene is definitely different from others and will give you that real feeling while watching these two ripped men enjoy some time together.


Luke Bishop - Luke Bishop

April 13, 2014

Description not available

Bedroom Threesome Fantasy - Tommy D & Rod Daily & Coco Velvett

April 13, 2014

Coco Velvet and Rod Daily are looking at add somebody special to their bedroom fantasy. Coco has been online searching for the right guy to invite over so Rod and she can enjoy some hot threesome action.

After hours of searching she finds TommyD and gives him a call. Rod is excited as well and they both hope he arrives fast because they just can't wait. Well, TommyD must live really close to their location because he arrives faster than superman.

Now the party can start. Rod loves to make Coco happy and TommyD loves to make everyone happy. These three sexy beasts swap, lick, suck and fuck their way to orgasmic bliss.

Coco gets a pounding from both the men and Rod jumps on TommyD's man pole to blow a hot creamy load while TommyD has Coco sitting on his face for a cum blast to remember.


Epic Matchup - Tommy D & Nash Lawler

April 13, 2014

Ali and Liston, Tango and Cash, Bert and Ernie, the list goes on. Every generation has its epic matchups. Undoubtedly, ours is TommyD and Nash Lawler. Anticipated as it will be legendary, this scene features these titans as they come together to finally fulfill their fans' burning desire to see them FUCK.

That's right, don't miss TommyD take Nash in the gash. You'll be stunned at the passion, awed by the insatiability, HORNY from the fucking! This is one for the books, folks. Missing it would be a horrible thing.


I'm Str8 But Fuck Me Anyways

April 12, 2014

I'm Str8 But Fuck Me Anyways cover

Okay, so here we go; get ready for a ROUGH hard ride! What we did to this poor straight guy will make your butt cheeks clench, lol. We filmed this over a year ago and have been holding-off on editing it because this guy Nate was just coming out of the closet. We helped Nate blow the doors of his closet in a big way! After he got his fill of our cocks, he decided that porn was something he loved and has since gone on to make a few other videos online. I like to think we broke him in. He can now take cock like a duck takes to water. This sexy previously-straight boy construction worker Nate used to send us hot video clips like the one here in the teaser and man it made us crazy that he wasnt local. When he told us he had a construction job here in Boston we were thrilled! We met him after he got off work and took him to a local favorite pub in Boston called, Fritz. We had a few beers and then stopped by his place and started right in on him. Much to our surprise, he was itching to get fucked. Naturally being the nice guys we are we fucking nailed his sweet white boy butt. This guy has a butt like an anvil; the harder and faster we pounded, the harder and louder he got! We fucked him so hard and so long that this video is over an hour long. This ones not for the faint of heart. He moans and yells so loud throughout that we had to cover his mouth the entire time.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Get ready for a ROUGH hard ride! What we did to this poor straight guy will make your butt cheeks clench, lol. We filmed this over a year ago and have been holding-off on editing it because this guy Nate was just coming out of the closet.

Stars: Cole Maverick

Broke Straight Boys 17

April 07, 2014

Broke Straight Boys 17 cover

Broke Straight Boys 17 brings you 8 smoking hot scenes full of broke straight guys going gay for pay!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Broke Straight Boys 17 brings you 8 smoking hot scenes full of broke straight guys going gay for pay!

Stars: Kodi Jason Matthews