Broke Straight Boys – Austin And Jimmy

January 03, 2010


The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

To help me do one of the shoots I brought in Tyler to handle taking some pictures and extra video with another camera. The guys that we had in the shoot room ready to start filming were Austin and Jimmy, and before we walked in I gave Tyler a heads up that I wanted the guys to fuck this way he could help me out. When we walked in the room we started recording and I pitched Tyler the question of what he wanted to see the two boys do. His quick response was that he wanted to see them fuck, and then I added to that having them flip-flop on each other. I told them that I would offer the two of them $1000 a piece, if they would do the flip-flop fucking, both of them said that they were fine with the money that I was offering. Standing up I had them start with taking off their shirts and as the clothes came off I brought up the fact that Jimmy had devirginized Diesel before in a shoot. That's when we kind of went around the room on who knew Diesel. Since Austin has been here so many times he just got completely naked, while Jimmy was still standing in his shorts and underwear. (MORE)


We talked about how Austin had met the writer to the movie Milk and all of the models in the room had seen it. Giving their comments and recommendations for everyone to go see it and offer their support. That's when I told the two of them to kiss and Jimmy spun around locking lips with Austin. His hand came up, grabbing the back of Austin's head keeping the passionate kiss going. Jimmy directed Austin back into taking a seat on the couch and worked his mouth down to Austin's nipple. From there his mouth continued south until it stopped at Austin's dick. Austin made a comment that Jimmy was good at giving head and that it was clear that he liked it. Sucking on Jimmy's balls he kept going lower and licked the area between the asshole and balls. As Austin got turned on, he picked his leg up off the floor, a natural reaction to keep Jimmy going. That's when Jimmy picked up the leg all the way up to Austin's chest and using his tongue started to lick Austin's asshole. It was hot watching Jimmy rim Austin for a while and when he went back to sucking dick I told the guys to get the couch into a bed. (MORE)


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