Head Doctor - Darcy Tyler & Tom Lansing

September 26, 2012

Tom Lansing has an unfortunate injury from playing soccer with the guys, so he finds himself in Darcy Tylers check up room, as the doctor examines the area of his malady. Checking his groin for signs of tear, she finds no permanent damage, but does find Toms member growing. Gently clutching it with her hand, Toms cock feels warm against her cold fingers, and it swells to massive proportions as she tightens her grip around it. Surprised but not deterred, Tom slides his hand underneath her scrubs and feels his way up and down the side of her body as she bends over and begins to suck at the head of Toms cock. Half naked, she slides her pants off and begins rubbing Toms cock against her breasts, pre-cum drizzling out on her nipples as she rises up to mounts Toms rock hard cock. Riding him on the examination table he seems to check out, and as he turns her over and fucks her hard from behind, spraying her down with his frothy load, she is sure Toms cock is just fine.Enjoy!